Best Leica M Lens For Street Photography [Review: 2022]

Last Updated on January 30, 2022

Did you recently bought the camera from Leica and now you are wondering which is the best Leica M lens for Street Photography? Well! if that’s the case then you are at the right place as in this article we are going provide you with the best choice to make your street photography looks awesome.

However, we have collected several Lenses and the prices of these are different as well in this way make sure to read this article until the end. Because when you completed reading this article and learnt about each lens it will be much easier for you to get the right choice.

Despite this, at the end of this article, we are also going to share with you the perfect choice that you should go with. But the problem is we might be wrong as we don’t know what you are going to do with the lens. This is why when you complete reading this article this will help you in finding the perfect choice for you.

Best Leica M Lens For Street Photography

No doubt Leica is one of the best company that makes quality cameras with fast autofocus, shutter speed and premium body. Similarly, they are also making the best lenses as well and their lenses will last for the rest of life or longer than any other brand. This is the reason why choosing the best Leica M lens for street photography is a little bit harder.

It is because the lens is expensive so finding the right choice means you can use it for the rest of life. This is why we thought to provide our visitors with the quality and right choice to get the best M lens for street photography. Although if you are interested in it then don’t forget to keep reading this article until the end.

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Ok, so let’s not waste further time and just check out these best Leica M lens for Street Photography:

Leica 35mm f/2.0 SUMMICRON-M Lens


Now coming to the first lens of our today’s pick for the best Leica M lens for outdoor photography is the Leica’s Summicron. This is the awesome lens and best suitable for daily usage in street photography as it provides fast shutter speed. With the help of this, a user can easily capture the best moment on the streets.

This provides the best quality images and it uses the latest technology to make pictures look more realistic and brighter. It also provides the wide-angle shot so you can capture full images even in low space. Even though it has quintessential reportage and the street lens provides the best bokeh effect.

Leica Summicron M lens is made of the full metal body that makes it lasts longer than other plastic lenses. However, since it has the metal body that means it is heavier as well. The total weight of this lens is around 1.1 pounds or 0.47 kilograms that could be heavier to carry for many people.


  • The suitable and best option for Street Photography.
  • Fast shutter speed provides the best picture and captures an amazing moment.
  • It has the unique Bokeh 11 blades provides smooth and distortion-free images.
  • Wide-angle is available the whole street easily.
  • Provides pin-sharp picture with rich contrast without distortion.
  • This lens fits most of the Leica M series cameras easily.
  • Comes with two different colours Black & Silver.


  • Price is a little bit high as it is official Leica Lens.
  • Due to the metal body, it feels heavier.

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Leica Summilux 35mm M Lens for Street Photography


The next lens that we are going to talk about is the Leica’s Summilux 35mm and this lens is the best for wide-angle photography. No doubt that the street photographers require more space than others like Wedding Photographer or Candid Photographer. In this way, they surely need something that could fulfil their requirements.

So, this lens is the best choice for them who want to capture the whole area instead of just a few persons. However wide-angle is also available in the Summicron but it is not as good as compared to this Summilux. They added a new feature in it as the lenses behind the aperture blades are constructed as a floating group.

This new feature helps the Summilux to provides the best image quality in the closer distance which is a good improvement. Even though they also added the screw-mount lens that is rectangular and is made of full-metal. It is a really good thing that they improved a lot as compared to other lenses.


  • Leica Summilux is the best M lens for Street photography.
  • The wide-angle lens helps to capture the whole area.
  • Fast shutter speed to capture the best moment in burst mode.
  • Aperture blades are constructed as a group to provide quality image in closer range.
  • Works with most of the Leica M mounted cameras.
  • Comes with the 3 years of brand warranty.
  • Fully metal body provides a premium look while using.


  • Only available in Silver colour.
  • This lens is expensive because of having too many features.
  • It is heavier because of having a metal body.
  • The compatibility of this lens is limited (make sure to check for the camera before buying).

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ZEISS Ikon Biogon Leica M Lens for Street Photography


The next lens that we are going to discuss in this section is not manufactured by the Leica itself but it is manufactured by the Ziess. This is also a well-known company for developing lenses for Leica and some other brands and it is a japan based that provides quality lenses for your Leica Camera.

Although this is also a wide-angle lens that means your pictures will be more detailed than before. This is basically a good lens for street photography as it provides the best image quality. It comes with the anti-reflection coating so that the pictures became less noisy even if you are in the low light situation.

Zeiss Ikon comes with the latest mixed technology to reduce undesirable effects of stray light and provides the best light effect. With this, you can capture street photos with more details, contrast and with more vivid colours to make photos look much brighter even if it is captured in low light.

This lens is much cheaper than the official Leica’s which is quite a good thing and also it comes with the metal body. Even though the weight of this lens is quite lighter than the Leica that we have mentioned earlier. So, this could be the best choice who don’t want to invest much money but still want the best choice.


  • This is the best M lens is suitable for street photography.
  • It reduces the undesirable effects of stray light to provide more contrast and vivid pictures.
  • Aperture ring of this lens is smooth and solid.
  • The wide-angel is used to capture the whole street in a small area.
  • Ziess works with most of the M mounted Leica Cameras.
  • Fast-focusing offers the best bokeh shot in F2.8 aperture.
  • It is made of the metallic body that lasts longer.
  • This is a budget-friendly lens suitable for street photography.
  • Provides distortion and noise-free images.


  • It has limited compatibility with the Leica Cameras.
  • You need to purchase the lens shade separately.
  • To get the accurate framing to use the Zeiss Viewfinder instead of M9 or whatever you are using.
  • No colour choice available for this lens.

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ZEISS Ikon C Sonnar Leica M Lens


Now coming to the next best M lens for street photography is also manufactured by the Zeiss. The name of this lens is the Zeiss Ikon C Sonnar which is made for the Leica and other M mounted cameras. This works pretty fine with different types of cameras but it performs well with the Leica.

Unlike the one we mentioned above, this is not the wide-angle lens but it is just the standard lens that provides 50mm max focal length. This lens offers the fast shutter speed which is useful to get more lights in the photo even if you are capturing in the low lights or at nights.

The bokeh effect of this lens is quite impressive even as compared to the one we mentioned earlier. You can even capture the pictures of an object from close range and still gets a nice background blur. The thing which is best in this lens is the aperture that can go from F1.5 and up to f50 to provide more detailed pictures.

However, if we talk about the body then the Zeiss comes with the metallic body and the Aperture and focus ring is made of metal as well. Despite this, it is way lighter from different lenses and is tiny which makes it easy to carry while and provides the best shots in the street.


  • Standard lens with fast shutter speed suitable for street photography.
  • Aperture can go from f1.5 and UP to f50 which is quite good.
  • The body is made up of metal including Aperture and focus rings.
  • Provides awesome bokeh effect even in the close range.
  • Works with various Leica and some other camera models.
  • It provides awesome contrast and details in low lights.
  • Burst shoot is also supported but it is limited.
  • The resolution of the images is quite impressive.
  • Budget-friendly lens to replace expensive Leica lenses.


  • You are not getting lens hood with this lens.
  • This lens doesn’t support the auto-focus (use manual focus only).
  • The minimum focus distance is 0.9mm which is not good for many people.

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7artisans 35mm F2.0 Leica M Lens for Street Photography


Now let’s just talk about our last Leica M Lens for street photography which is 7arisans. This brand is not known by many people but still, it is the best choice for Leica users. The simple reason is the pricing that means it comes way cheaper as compared to the Leica, Zeiss or any other brand.

This 35mm lens of 7artisans is really an awesome thing that provides fast picture capturing on the streets or at home. It provides the minimum 0.7mm focal length which is still considered good. Despite this the lens also the manual focus and a manual aperture ring that is used to set settings according to your needs.

7artisans provides the beautiful bokeh effects which are also fast and you can capture images in blurred background. Other than this it also provides sharp images and provides beautiful vivid colours. This lens is pretty good and less expensive if you are only willing to buy for street photography.


  • 7artisans is a suitable choice for street photography.
  • It works with all M mounted Leica cameras which is good.
  • The body is made up of metal.
  • Provides the sharp images.
  • The lens is light in weight and smaller in size.
  • It fits perfectly in camera and works fine.
  • The focus is faster and provides good quality images.
  • It is affordable and worth buying lens.


  • It doesn’t come with the lens shade (purchase separately).
  • Focus length is 0.7mm which is not good.
  • The focus and aperture rings are a bit harder.

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Now in this article, we find some of the best Leica M lens for street photography that works with all Leica cameras. Each of them has its own pros and cons so make sure you have read the whole article. Once you have read the whole guide I am sure you will get the right choice by yourself.

Although most of them are quite expensive these are the best for every occasion like Wedding, Product Photography, Portraits and so on. In this way, if you have enough budget then make sure go with the Leica’s Summilux or the SUMMICRON because these are the best choices.

These lenses offer the best image quality and also provides awesome contrast and colours. You can also find the wide-angle lens above that you can buy. Other than this the standard lens is also available that fits all your needs to just don’t forget to check them again and get the best lens for you.


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