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Last Updated on January 30, 2022

Are you looking for the best camera for clothing photography? Does your old camera mixes up colours and misses the fine details that you put into your clothes?

If Yes! Then I’m here to help you out to choose the best camera for clothing photography. 

Clothes are the one thing that everyone will notice about you. Even if you are on Skype the person you are talking to will first notice your clothes that what you are wearing.

And if you own a clothing brand, having a good photography camera is essential for you. And if you find it difficult to choose which is the best camera for your clothing photography, I am here to sort things out for you. 

Here is a list of some of the best cameras out in the market specially designed for clothing photography.

Stay with me till the end to find out the best camera for clothing photography.

Fujifilm-XT 30


First of all, I present to you the Fujifilm-XT 30. It is small in size but full of features camera. It has a full metal frame. This camera is completely valuable for money.

It has great controls and excellent functions that make photography a fun job. It comes with a 4k video recording quality and fast autofocus. Because while shooting for clothes you need to have a camera with supremely fast autofocus.

It has a stunning focusing feature, through which you can focus on the faces that are far away from the main subject.

XT 30 is a striking choice for those who work in the fashion industry. In the fashion industry, there is no room for compromise so this camera provides excellent quality and is very easy to use and handle.

As is it small in size so it is not very heavy so the photographer can work with it for a long time. As far as the price is concerned it is not heavy on the pocket.

It comes with a price range under 899$, which is not too high for such a masterpiece.

This camera can capture multiple pictures at the same time with a stunning 30fps while keeping the autofocus function active. XT 30 comes with a 26.1 mp sensor and the X- Processor 4 quad-core CPU. 


  • It is handy.
  • This camera is easy to operate.
  • Comes in a reasonable price range.
  • Lightweight camera.
  • Excellent focus.
  • Wireless connectivity.


  • Small screen size.


Canon EOS 5D Mark


Now I am going to present the Canon Eos 5d Mark. This is one of the beet camera machines from Canon. It is a bit expensive as it comes with the price tag of whooping 2799$.

The EOS system of Canon comes from 1987. Since then Canon has worked on the series and kept on enhancing the features. Now after all these years of continuous improvement the EOS 5D Mark ||| is the latest model in the line. It is equipped with a 22mp sensor. It has two slots for both CF and SD card which adds to its features and enhances the non interrupted use.

It shoots continuously to only 6 frames per second, which is a little less than the other models. It takes great stills and records 1080p video. 

The sound is best recorded by the external mike in this camera. This camera is best used for stills. It carries a 3:2 LCD. The shutter speed of the camera is rated at 150,000 cycles and is redesigned to perform quiet operations. It works on the latest Digic 5+ processor from Canon. 


  • It is the top of a line camera.
  • Equipped with the latest processor.
  • Includes a headphone jack.
  • Dual memory slots.
  • This camera has a touch-sensitive rear dial.
  • It also has the feature of side by side image comparison. 


  • This camera comes at a high price tag.


Nikon D7100 SLR


This is the masterpiece of the great Nikon. The Nikon D7199 is as classy as all the other cameras from Nikon. It also has two memory slots. So you can capture as many pictures as you wish and choose the best one. It captures fast 6 frames per second pictures. This is not too much but it’s great for a mid-ranger.

The device’s focusing feature is super. It detects and focuses on faces and objects even in low lighting. The colour detection of this camera is amazing, it captures the very fine detailing of the clothe very accurately. This camera has a waterproof body.

Although it is a very good camera it is more valuable to professionals only, beginner photographers will face complications working with it for the first time. This camera is specially made for professionals, but it does not cost much. 


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Two memory slots are available.
  • The Colour detection feature is amazing.
  • Focus and capturing acute details feature.
  • High burst speed.


  • Difficult to operate for newbies. 


Sony Alpha a7R


At number four I have the Sony Alpha a7R  for you from the bag of the tech giant Sony. This camera is known as the Mirrorless master.

The camera holds a great skill set. It is equipped with a 42 mp sensor. It can also take pictures at the rate of  10 frames per second continuous shot. Not only this, but it can also record videos in 4k quality. It has everything that a clothing photographer would want in his camera.

With its hybrid AF system, it is very fast at processing pictures. Despite all these features, it is also very lightweight. You do not have to be a gym guy to work with it. It is lightweight and thus is very easy to handle. 

It also has the function of image stabilization. Sometimes you have to take photos of a model wearing the designer outfit in a situation where the model is running or the dress is waving in the air, in such situations image stabilization features is very important and plays a pivotal role in capturing the desired image. 


  • Great image stabilization function.
  • Very lightweight, thus easy to use.
  • 28 pictures burst shoot function.
  • Stylish design.
  • Fully electronic shutter.
  • Superfast performance.


  • High price tag.


Canon EOS R6


Now last but not least, I have for you the Canon EOS R6. This is another brilliant camera from the house of Canon. This is Canons first mirrorless camera. The camera comes with a 20 mp sensor. Which allows it to take far better images than its competitors. 

This is well known for beginner photographers. Because it is easy to use and operate in both video and stills mode.

It takes its power from the great DIGIC processor from Canon. It works with 20 frames per second of all electronic (silent) shutter. And 12 frames per second with its mechanical shutter. It is said by the professionals that there is no match for this camera when it comes to recording 4k videos. It records the best videos with its powerful 5 axis image stabilization technology. 

Despite all these features, the drawback of this camera is its battery life. It can only take 380 shots in 1 charge. Which is low when you have the habit to take lots of burst photos to capture the best one.


  • Wifi and blue tooth connectivity.
  • Dual shutter technology.
  • Top-class image stabilization feature.
  • Expandable processor.
  • High-class video capture quality.
  • Subject movement tracking technology.


  • Bad battery life.



These were some of the best cameras for clothing photography available in the market.  They all have their pros and cons. These cameras are tested and used by professionals for clothing photography.

After reviewing all these great camera machines the professionals recommend the Fujifilm- XT 30 as the best fit for professional clothing photography.

This great camera has all the perfect features and functions that a camera should have for clothing photography.

It is handy, it is affordable and it is very easy to operate even for beginners.

The best thing about this camera is its focus, it captures the very fine lines and details in the clothing. It gets connected to your cell phone wirelessly for a better user experience. 

So, what are you waiting for?  go get your best camera for clothing photography and get started.


Hey There, I'm Rashid, I love writing reviews about lens and camera because I am a professional photographer since 2016 and I know very well which camera and lens you should use.

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