Best Camera For Candid Photography [Review: 2022]

Last Updated on January 30, 2022

Are you are a new photographer and you don’t know which is the best camera for candid photography? Then you came to the right place because in this guide we came here to provide you with the best camera. We know that it is a little bit harder to find the right choice for anyone who just wanted to start a photographer carrier.

Because there are hundreds of thousands of products available out there and finding the right choice is quite harder. This is why we are at this website to help the visitors finding the right camera. In case you are also willing then just don’t forget to keep reading this section until the very end.

Because there are few cameras that we are going to talk about that’s why you should check each of them. As if you do so then this will be a lot easier for you to get a suitable camera. Other than this at the end of this article, you will be provided with the out picked camera so you can jump to it if you want to.

How to Choose Best Camera For Candid Photography

When comes to finding the best camera for Candid photography there are few things that we need to take care of. Because as a beginner many people made mistakes and they don’t know which thing to buy. In this way, we are going to learn a few simple things that will be useful for everyone to get the right choice.

But before this, you need to understand what is a candid Photography? It is a style of photography that doesn’t require a model to pose or style. This is just photography of a person at home, on streets, at a wedding, birthdays parties etc or in short, you can say that Candid Photography is random photography.

Now as you know what does this photography type means now it makes it easier to learn what things a camera should have. So, the first and the common thing that is required is the Shutter Speed. Because sometimes a photographer requires to capture multiple photos at the same time and if the shutter speed is fast He/She can take multiple pictures instantly.

Another thing that you need to check in the camera before buying is the Auto-Focus speed. Since we know there is no pose require and or you are capturing any moving object. Then for this, it is required to have the fast auto-focus speed to capture the best moment at the right time.

Best Camera For Candid Photography

Now once we have understood a few simple things that should be considered before choosing the right camera for candid photography. I am sure that you are now ready to find the right choice for you, if so then you don’t need to worry about it anymore because now we are going to share some cameras with you.

It is recommended to read the review of each camera from the below so you can get the right and the best choice for you. Other than this if you just want a simple camera and looking for our suggestions. Then for this, you should simply check out the conclusion where we have provided our picked camera.

Ok, stop wasting time and check out these best camera for candid photography from below:

Panasonic LUMIX G9 4K Digital Camera


In the list of our today’s best camera for candid photography is the Panasonic’s Lumix G9. This camera is a mirrorless and these are known as the best for candid photographies suggested by different well-known photographers. However, this camera features the 20.3 Megapixels lens along with the 80 Megapixels high resolution.

Talking about the body of this camera then the Panasonic Lumix G9 comes with the magnesium alloy body that is way much durable than other plastic bodies. This camera can be used in extremely cold places as it is freeze proof in -10 degrees and also comes with the dust, splash-proof in every button, dial and body.

The reason why this camera is posted here because it provides fast auto-focus even if the subject is moving. Instead of this the camera also features the stabilization in the body. With the help of this, a user can easily take picture and record while moving and this could be the best option for candid photography.

Panasonic Lumix G9 provides the best High Dynamic Range to provides with the best colours. It can be also used to record videos in 4K resolution at 60 fps to provide smooth videos. Other than this it has the ISO support of 100 to 25600 which is really good while filming in low light.


  • Best choice for Candid Photography.
  • Supports fast Auto-focus features for Bokeh effect.
  • This is an affordable camera for candid photography.
  • It is suitable for burst shooting because of the fast shutter speed.
  • Comes with the magnesium alloy durable body.
  • Record videos at 4K Ultra HD 60fps.
  • Weather protection and can be used in -10 degrees.
  • Provides in-body stabilization while taking picture of moving object.


  • Battery life is not good (because it is mirrorless).
  • The sensor is quite smaller from other cameras.
  • Lag in Viewfinder while burst shooting.

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Canon EOS R Mirrorless For Candid Photography


The next camera that we are going to talk about is from the famous manufactures Canon and the name is EOS R. This camera offers a mirrorless design which is best for candid photography. Although this camera is very light to use and it is the only Canon’s camera that is light with the full body.

Furthermore, it offers fast autofocus to capture the candid pictures fast and you don’t need to waste time by adjusting focus. Even though the shutter speed is fast so if you are willing to take burst pictures then you also have this feature. Talking about the body than it is made of magnesium alloy that makes it feel premium and is durable.

Just like the Panasonic Lumix it also offers the weather-resistant and you can use it in cold areas, and even in dust areas. Canon EOS R comes with the 30.3 Megapixel of the sensor to provide best image quality. However, there is a drawback in this camera as it doesn’t offer in-body stabilization feature.

The image stabilization is only supported by the Lens that you can buy from Canon or any 3rd-party sellers. It provides the best ISO that is from 100 and up to 40,000 or it is expected it goes from 50 to 102,400 which is quite impressive. Other than this it provides 4K Ultra HD video recording with 29.97 frames per second.


  • Suitable and best for candid photography.
  • Comes with the large sensor that provides high-quality images.
  • Auto-focus is fast and you can capture photos while moving.
  • Supports burst shooting so you never miss a moment.
  • It comes with the magnesium alloy body that is durable and feels light.
  • ISO is quite impressive as it goes from 100 to 40,000.
  • Touch LCD and it supports Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC.
  • It comes with the Great control customization


  • It doesn’t contain in-body stabilization.
  • This camera doesn’t offer cropped 4K video recording.
  • It is a little bit costly but still good for candid photography.

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Canon 6D Mark II Best Camera for Candid Photography


This is another best choice from Canon and this is known as the Canon 6D Mark II which is quite popular among the users. It is quite impressive and is a suitable choice for your street or wedding photography. This offers the 26.2 Full-Frame CMOS Sensor to provides you with good image quality.

Although the auto-focus in 6D Mark II is not good enough which makes it worst while taking the pictures of moving objects. Even though you can click without using the focus which could be the best choice. It also supports the burst shooting in which a user can capture 6.5 fps but you may feel lag.

The body of Canon 6D is made of Polycarbonate which is also good and it also comes with the weather-sealing. That means you can use it in cold, dust and even in rain to get the best shots. Due to the Polycarbonate, it feels a little bit heavy as compared to the other cameras that we have mentioned earlier.

There is a drawback in this as if you are going to record the videos then it only offers 1080p only. Because it is quite an old model that’s why it doesn’t support 4K resolution. Despite this, the camera is best and offers some new features like NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS for easy sharing photos & videos.


  • It is the budget-friendly and best choice for casual photography.
  • New 26 megapixels sensor provides the best ISO performance.
  • Provides 6.5fps burst shooting to capture the best moment.
  • New Touchscreen LED is good to manage your photos.
  • It offers WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC & GPS that makes it easy to share files.
  • EOS 6D Mark II also offers the video stabilization.
  • The autofocus in this camera is updated and works fine.
  • Provides dual pixel autofocus for the best bokeh effect.


  • This camera only offers 1080p video resolution.
  • It doesn’t offer headphone jack.
  • Bursting is way slower while using the live autofocus.
  • It is made of the Polycarbonate instead of Magnesium alloy.
  • Comes with the limited autofocus in the viewfinder.

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Sony Alpha A7 III Camera for Street Photography


Now talking about our last picked for today’s list of the best camera for candid photography is the Sony Alpha A7 III. This camera is way more impressive as compared to any other. Also, Sony is a well-known company that makes the best lens in the Camera markets and no one can beat them.

This amazing camera comes with the new 24.2MP BSI full-frame Image Sensor that provides fast shutter speed to capture best shots in wedding, streets or at your home. The autofocus of this camera is way faster than others so you can capture pictures in Bokeh effect even if the object is moving.

Furthermore, the ISO of this camera is improved and offers ISO 100 up to 51200 and even it can be extended from 50 to 2048007 that is pretty awesome. Sony Alpha A7 III comes with the 5-axis stabilization so you can record steady videos and capture the best candid photos while moving.

Talking about the recording then the Sony offers to the record of up to 4K Ultra HD @60 frames per second. This camera also offers a new feature that is silent shooting18 at up to 10fps. With this, you can capture the images of animals without making noise so you don’t miss any special moment.


  • Sony Alpha A7 III is the best choice for candid photography.
  • New 24.2MP BSI full-frame Image Sensor provides the best image quality.
  • Provides fast autofocus feature that is quite related to the A9 Sports Camera.
  • 5-axis stabilization helps record steady videos and capture the best shots.
  • It comes with the best battery life as compared to other mirrorless cameras.
  • This camera supports 10 frames per second with burst shooting.
  • Can be used to record video in 4K Ultra HD @60fps.
  • Even it supports the slow-motion which is quite impressive.
  • It also provides the best noise reduction compared to any other cameras.


  • The price is a little bit higher as compared to others.
  • It doesn’t offer the in-camera RAW feature.
  • Autofocus is a little bit hard to use.
  • Some buttons on this camera are too small that makes it hard to use.

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This is it for today’s article as we have provided you with the best camera for candid photography. Each of these cameras comes with its own advantages and disadvantages so make sure you have read the whole review of each. Although if you just miss anything then you might not be able to get the right choice.

Because each camera has different features that are suitable for your needs and another thing is some of them are expensive while some are budget-friendly. This is why when you read the whole article you will be able to know which one is suitable for you depending on features as well as the price.

Although if you read the whole guide but still confuse which one to choose then you should probably go with the Panasonic Lumix G9. As it offers the fast live auto-focus that could capture live objects easily and it has the larger camera sensor and provides 4K Ultra HD @60fps which is quite high resolution.


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